EP REVIEW: Thousand Below – Let Go Of Your Love

Release Date: August 21st 2020
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thousandbelow
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thousandbelow


If Thousand Below‘s 2019 sophomore LP ‘Gone In Your Wake’ was the tidal wave, then their latest EP is the aftermath. ‘Let Go Of Your Love’ features subdued versions of the album’s highlights that play as if suspended in water.

Opening with the title track – and the only completely original offering – ‘Let Go Of Your Love’ laments over lost love. It’s a poignant tale about moving on, evidencing a softer side of the post-hardcore troupe, with heart-aching vocals and gentle guitar that set the tone for the rest of the EP.

‘Chemical’, although slightly more upbeat, is still only an echo of its original incarnation. Experimental instrumentation transfigures it into a song that exists entirely in its own right without needing to rely too heavily on its parent.

Taking a turn down a more comfortable avenue, ‘Alone (Out Of My Head)’ and ‘171 xo’ feature a more generic sound, resulting from simple acoustic and a more prominent pop-punk edge. ‘Lost Between’ takes a U-turn, stopping to inhale one last breath of experimentation before calling time on ‘Let Go Of Your Love’.

It’s ironic that an EP concerned with letting go and moving on would reuse and remodel pre-existing tracks, but perhaps that is the poetic intent behind it. One can only wonder what Thousand Below will move onto next.