EP REVIEW: The Xcerts – Late One Night

Release Date: October 5th 2018
Label: Raygun Music
Website: www.thexcertsband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thexcerts
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thexcerts


Hot on the heels of their latest full-length ‘Hold On To Your Heart’, British trio The Xcerts have given their brand of radio-friendly pop-rock the stripped down treatment on an acoustic EP. ‘Late One Night’ finds the band at their most vulnerable, producing renditions of tracks from this year’s Top 40 album.

There’s no denying that frontman Murray MacLeod has a beautiful voice, which the acoustic tracks on this EP showcase, and in the days where The X-Factor reigns supreme, that’s often enough to please the masses. However, the poppy drive that usually makes The Xcerts so enjoyable is entirely lost on these versions of the songs, leaving them feeling flat and, well, boring.

This collection of tracks was recorded due to the intimacy generated at some of the band’s in-store gigs earlier this year, and any connection that could be felt in a live setting is lost in a studio recorded format.

The chosen cuts themselves are catchy guitar driven pop songs that could soundtrack a particularly dramatic moment on Made In Chelsea or any other reality show, but acoustic versions of pop-rock bangers such as ‘Daydream’ and ‘Feels Like Falling In Love’ feel a little more reality show contestant than campfire-singalong.