EP REVIEW: The Roly Mo – TRM

Release Date: September 11th 2020
Label: 7 West Music
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/therolymo
Twitter: www.twitter.com/therolymoband


Hitting the ground running with their debut EP, Glaswegian quartet The Roly Mo use ‘TRM’ as a snapshot into their raucous live shows.

With a handful of support slots behind them and a strong statement of intent, ‘TRM’ aims to contain the riffs, energy, and storytelling of a group on the cusp of finding themselves.

Getting straight to it with ‘She’s So Hot’, guitarists Joe Morton and Jack Livingstone deliver punk inspired chords to drive the breathless track forward. Enthusiastic and filled with jumping energy, the song kicks the record of with a singalong chorus and a punk energy.

Diving into dirty riffs for ‘Diamond Doll’, blues riffs support Morton‘s punctuated vocals. Playing with structure and dynamics on the second verse, the quartet hint at more than a rock-by-numbers blueprint. Complete with sneaking coda, the track plays with smart song writing to continue the momentum.

Sitting alongside radio-friendly melodies and ringing chords, ‘Count To Ten’ showcase that, when warranted, The Roly Mo can craft subtle and reserved songs, as well as bolstering and rough and ready live favourites.

Harking back to mid 2000s indie rock, ‘Stuck In A Rut’, grooving riffs play against a strong Scottish native tongue. Filled with a punk energy and boasting a tremolo led melody, the track brings the energy back up.

Closing with the winding ‘Control Yourself’, tight verses play against a twisting main harmony to deliver a final burst of loud and proud indie rock.

Tightly composed throughout and avoiding bloated decisions, ‘TRM’ is a strong insight to the quartet. Well structured and hinting at ambition, The Roly Mo show signs of promise with their gritty blend of punk and indie rock.