EP REVIEW: The Ready Set – V2

Release Date: August 10th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.thereadyset.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thereadyset
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thereadyset


The opening beach-like harmonies and slick synths on ‘V2’ sound like the soundtrack to your first holiday with your friends; you can almost taste the cocktails and feel the sun on your skin.

However, it isn’t long before you’ve lost all of your money on the first night, fallen out with all your mates after forcing them into a questionable club, and have a ‘tan’ that best resembles a lobster on a sunbed.

The Ready Set is the solo project from Jordan Witzigreuter who rose to fame with emo-pop anthem ‘Love Like Woah’ in 2010. While Witzigreuter‘s musical direction might have changed since those MySpace days, it doesn’t appear to have matured significantly.

‘V2’ (his second EP release this year) is filled with cliched lyrics that would have made perfect screen names on MSN Messenger back in the day.

Most of the tracks on the EP feature twinkly samples and over-produced vocals, but standout track ‘The Witching Hour’ sees Witzigreuter strip it back to a more raw and emotional singing style and toned down keys. This track feels like the only time we see a real glimpse of humanity, and something The Ready Set should pursue further if he wants to show his fans that he’s willing to move on and be remembered as more than just a one-hit wonder of the MySpace generation.