EP REVIEW: The Hara – We Are The Movement

Release Date: March 4th 2020
Label: Caroline International
Website: www.theharaband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theharaband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/theharaband


Although fresh on the scene, Manchester trio The Hara are already really starting to make a name for themselves.

After just a few short years, the band have amassed a large and loyal fanbase, and in turn are already onto their fourth EP and latest offering, ‘We Are The Movement’.

Opener ‘FYI’ begins with an unusual upbeat piano ditty that has some serious jazz bar ambience. However, this feeling doesn’t last long, becoming instantly broken by Zack Breen‘s gritty guitar riffs. Fuelled with a real flair of anarchy, the song feels like the start of a revolution for the younger generation with its angsty chorus, “Fuck you and your hypocrisy / Made us feel like the enemy / Let’s make our own democracy / So in conclusion, we are the movement.”

Standout track, ‘Blue Tick Souvenir’, is both cleverly written and infectiously catchy, serving as a tongue-in-cheek jest at social media culture and the world where anyone can be a ‘celebrity’. This message of empowerment for the youth is similar to the likes of what Yungblud is currently doing – an anarchy infused protest for the next generation, and a style that’s becoming ever increasingly popular.

‘Ego’ showcases Jack Kennedy‘s drum skills with an epic breakdown reminiscent of any classic rock band, whilst ‘Tokyo Hit’ shifts things completely, with a brass section reverting back to this jazz influenced vibe. This, when combined with Josh Taylor‘s incredibly high vocals, feels very similar to current era Panic! At The Disco.

Closing things off, ‘Friends’ dips into further experimenting which, once again, they manage to pull off seamlessly. The band are cited to have many influences, and its in this track that their admiration for Arctic Monkeys really comes into play. Its indie fuelled energy and distorted vocals, alongside the repetitive guitar hooks, are very Alex Turner-esque.

Although ‘We Are The Movement’ comes in at only twenty minutes long, it’s so plainly evident that The Hara are going to be making waves very soon. They providing the perfect alternative rock blend to appeal to everyone, and with the right push you’ll struggle to avoid seeing their name branded everywhere.