EP REVIEW: The Gospel Youth – Thoughtless

Release Date: August 2nd 2019
Label: Portal Recordings
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thegospelyouth
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thegospelyouth


It’s fair to say that it’s been a turbulent time for The Gospel Youth since the departure of their now former frontman, Sam Little.

Now, almost 18 months later and armed with a new singer, Nick Nowak (of Valliers), they’re back with a new EP called ‘Thoughtless’, and ready to showcase what they’ve been working on for this next era.

Surprisingly at no point does this feel like an EP where they’re ‘finding their feet’, a risk that bands can come susceptible to with a change-up, especially with a vocalist. A delicate intro breaks into ‘Talk’, a song that’s loud, infectiously catchy, and the perfect introduction of what’s to come.

‘Afloat’ is the standout here. It’s refreshing to hear The Gospel Youth recognise and apply the classic pop-punk sound that we’ve all become fond of over the years, and with lyrics such as “I never found any comfort in my skin / I’ve been breaking all of my bones just to fit in”, it’s incredibly hard not to find yourself singing along after just a couple of listens.

One of the unique things that this EP offers is the clever way the band have chosen to tie each song together. As each song ends, the outro merges its way into the intro for the next, making for an almost seamless record start-to-finish, making it more of a listening experience than a cut-and-shunt job of tracks made to be hits.

The introduction of Nowak allows the band some room to experiment, with his voice creating a different sound compared to previous records. As a result, there’s a really impressive heavier vibe in both ‘Throw Me’ and ‘A Lie Never Lives To Be Old’. The two tracks dip their toes into this just enough to make for an impressive addition, whilst not distancing themselves too far from what fans are expecting.

If this sampler is just a snippet of what’s to come from The Gospel Youth, it’s safe to say they’ve set themselves in good shape for their sophomore full-length. ‘Thoughtless’ is the work of a band who, despite what the past has thrown at them, are proving that they can come out stronger at the other side.