EP REVIEW: The Front Bottoms – Ann

Release Date: May 18th 2018
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Website: www.thefrontbottoms.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thefrontbottoms
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thefrontbottoms


It was only back in October that The Front Bottoms released their fifth album, ‘Going Grey’. With such a quick turnaround to put out something new, you’d expect that their ‘Ann’ EP would feel slightly rushed, yet this isn’t the case. The production here is crisp and tight and with only six songs, this is all about quality over quantity.

There’s one question that comes you’ll probably find you’re asking yourself: who the hell is ‘Ann’?  Well, the EP – much like 2014’s ‘Rose’ – is named after a band member’s grandmother. The personal title to the record is a pretty perfect fit actually, as it reflects the intimate and real-world qualities that you hear on over its short length.

Straight in with melancholy opener ‘Today Is Not Real’, we’re greeted with a soft, sombre song littered with lyrics detailing a tackle with depression as frontman Brian Sella groans, “Like a patient coming out of surgery / I remember how to feel”.

Following that, ‘Somebody Else’ picks up the mood, to deliver a dainty little number depicting an intimate relationship “two nights in a row”. It’s a track that shows The Front Bottoms can still be fun, even when they’re being serious.

The upbeat claps and piano keys on ‘I Think Your Nose Is Bleeding’ forces it to tie with the final track and the only single on the EP, ‘Tie Dye Dragon’, as its most uplifting track. The lyricism on the latter focuses on drug use through growing older as Sella sings, “I guess I’m older now / I am caught between who I am / And who I’m supposed to be”. It’s a frank, honest, and mature piece from a band who haven’t always been taken that seriously.

It may be a short but sweet set of songs from The Front Bottoms, but ‘Ann’ is an EP that demonstrates their maturity and development, whilst at times still being joyous and fun.