EP REVIEW: Talk Show – These People

Release Date: March 27th 2020
Label: Council Records
Website: www.tlkshw.sk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thetalkshowband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/talkshowband


Fresh to the scene, South East London indie punks Talk Show are making a punchy debut with their 4-track EP, ‘These People’.

Defining a very specific brand of sound, throughout ‘These People’ the band display a blend of punky, masculine vocals, soft indie guitar rhythms, and just a teaspoon of something that feels authentically modern British.

A high-pitched and fast-paced guitar riff kicks off the record in ‘Stress’, backed by a funky bass line throughout, which is prominent in sections where the guitar breaks for short periods. This is fun, funky, and fresh music. The vocals are sung deep, shouting “This is stress” louder, which each repeating line gives meaning to the vocals through the tone of voice, and with a South London accent there’s a slight hint of fun aggression.

‘Atomica’ continues the quick pace of the EP, but this time with a less upbeat tone and more of a punky drum and vocal combination of short punchy dialogue broken up by experimental guitar riffs that are interesting and unpredictable.

Briefly slowing down the tempo of the record but without losing any of its harsh attitude, ‘Banshee’ features a slow build from a quiet drum and symbol solo section into a spoken vocal piece before the guitars kicks back in, bringing the tempo back up in an uplifting musical moment that gives this short EP some variety.

‘Petrolhead’ rounds off the record with attitude. A pounding drum beat, keeping time with the guitar and vocals layering on top getting louder and louder throughout the track, you can’t help but adopt the London accent yourself as you pick up the lyrical chants in the song. This track, along with the rest of ‘These People’, is an example of what UK punk sounds like now. It’s empowering, fun, and real.

Talk Show have developed a strong sound, and it’s clear that this EP draws from the best of the UK’s punk and grunge roots.