EP REVIEW: Taken By The Tide – Revenge

Release Date: August 3rd 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/takenbythetide
Twitter: www.twitter.com/takenbythetide_


Nottingham based technical death metal troupe Taken By The Tide‘s third EP, ‘Revenge’, is a far mature showing than their past efforts, and makes for an altogether disgustingly brutal delivering.

‘The Organs Are Mine’ kicks things off in spectacular fashion, crafting some intricate guitar interplay while simultaneously trading places with a relentless barrage of sonic extremity. Vocalist Phil Illsley shows a tremendous amount of intensity with each harrowing scream that he throws into the mix, ramping the heaviness to epic proportions.

‘Grave Lessons’ describes the pitfalls of modern day social media addiction, and shows some of the aforementioned maturity by delving into soundscapes that create a strikingly eerie atmosphere. Staccato guitar riffs give the track a certain pop, and it often meanders into progressively melodic territories, sounding almost like a nihilistic Mastodon at times.

‘Moloch’ shows the band at their filthiest, with a sickening guitar tone running throughout and backed up by interesting breakdowns. The stop-start nature is reminiscent of SikTh, but with the most vile vocal display that you could think of.

It’s clear that Taken By The Tide aren’t altogether too happy with the way in which the modern world is heading. After previously showing their frustration with social media, the band display the dangers of expressing freedom of speech to an ever-watching society in ‘Now I Am Become Death’. Probably displaying the catchiest chorus on the EP, they never stride too far from their brutal template creating a mysterious vibe with some twisting harmonics before building to a guttural conclusion.

If you’re into heavy technical music splashed with elements of death metal and hardcore, say a mixture of Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan, then you won’t find many other releases as strong this year as ‘Revenge’.