EP REVIEW: Sworn Amongst – Reclamation

Release Date: April 12th 2019
Label: Famined Records
Website: www.swornamongst.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/swornamongst
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sworn_amongst


British metalcore quintet Sworn Amongst have been building critical acclaim for the past few years, culminating in their recent signing to the esteemed Famined Records.

Now with a new label and vocalist in tow in Darryl Jones, also of This Is Turin fame, the group have followed up from 2015’s ‘Under A Titan Sky’ with a fittingly titled EP, ‘Reclamation’.

Opening sparsely with delicate finger-picked guitars and ambient pads, ‘Enslaved’ doesn’t waste any time getting into the tremolo-picked riffs of guitarists Ashley Currie and James Cooper. Taking a more melodic death metal approach compared to the thrash metal leanings of previous releases, the track jumps through angular riffs and galloping chords with fury.

Bridging the gap between dense distortion and open melodies is Jones, the band’s freshest recruit, incorporating low growls and death metal flavoured screams alongside smooth clean melodies to bring the track to the forefront.

After an abrupt end, ‘Delusional’ goes straight for the jugular, with hardcore style chords and Jonny Harper‘s unforgiving blast beats leading the dominating track. Undeterred by limitation, the group careens through harmonised leads, octave runs, and gang vocals, creating a burning tension throughout. Switching to finger-picked melodies and soft vocals for its conclusion, this cut really does embody record.

This is not to say that’s all that there is to offer; the EP delves into multiple twists and turns, as shown in the subverted breakdown of ‘Believe’ and the swirling half-time bridge of ‘The Cleansing’. With each track meticulously written, the EP doesn’t waste a second of its runtime.

By taking steps into a slightly different direction, Sworn Amongst have managed to capitalise on their newfound position and instilled within themselves a new sense of passion and jolt of ambition. Whilst it may be short, ‘Reclamation’ packs a punch mightier than many metalcore releases more than double its length.