EP REVIEW: Superlove – …but for the moment

Release Date: June 18th 2021
Label: Rude Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/superlovebanduk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/superlovemusic


It’s fair to say that Bristol noise-pop trio Superlove have found the best way to creatively utilise the last fifteen months of lockdowns. The band say that they “wanted to write a brand new EP that had no limitations on genre, but also to take a step into a direction we maybe hadn’t gone with our debut EP.” The results can be heard on the their second EP, ‘…but for the moment’.

On opening track, ‘8am (The Start)’, Superlove take us in a contemplative pop direction. The opening fade-in, featuring a gentle sustained synth chord and bird song, blossoms into a light piano riff and a synthesised voice repeating a simple, yet poetic, verse. As the song develops, it adds layer upon layer of new sounds, and it eventually gets a little bit messy and hard to follow.

This soon fades out into following number, ‘The People You’ll Love Forever’, a straight-up pop-punk song, but with more emphasis on the pop. The chorus in particular sounds like a softer Neck Deep cut, with some elements of Waterparks‘ more synth-driven, poppier material mixed in there too.

The highlight of the EP is most definitely ‘btw! i adore u’. The song opens with a strange, robotic, digital-sounding noise, which is quickly cut off by a heavy guitar riff backed up by some pounding drums, that gives off a post-hardcore vibe, almost branching into math metal. The verse interlaces some more Waterparks-style electronic elements with the heavy guitar riff, and the chorus is just straight-up arena ready. When you least expect it, you’re presented with a djenty, math metal breakdown that may leave you scratching your head and questioning if that was the same band, at least on first listen.

In short, ‘…but for the moment’ is a mismatch of genres. Each song sounds like it’s been written and performed by a different band. In a weird way, the EP does fit together, but at the same time it also sounds like an eclectic playlist put on shuffle.

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