EP REVIEW: Sun Arcana – Just Another Dream Away

Release Date: November 15th 2019
Label: Easy Life Records
Website: www.sunarcana.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sunarcana
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sunarcana


Essex alternative rock quartet Sun Arcana have steadily been building their name and presence throughout 2019, all culminating up to the release of their new EP, ‘Just Another Dream Away’.

Opening with a surreal sustained synth, ‘What If You Can’t Accept Me’ breaks out with a high energy verse once they reach their climax. Frontman Tom Harper-Ward‘s voice rings with bitter desperation as the drums are beaten to within an inch of their lives and the piercing guitar wails away. After the energy briefly subsides for the bridge, the arena-ready chorus hits like a ton of bricks, the relatable lyrics about relationship woes making it all the more anthemic.

‘Sleep Talking’ all but demands you to go and get your dancing shoes on. After a slow and gentle intro, the distortion pedals go on and the drums start pounding to create yet another track that wouldn’t feel out of place in an arena, the chorus in particular is just waiting to be yelled right back at the band by legions of fans.

The EP closes on a synth-heavy power ballad, ‘Find Our Way’. The gentle vocal performance and the soft instrumentation are more than enough to pull on your heartstrings and put your lighter straight up in the air. The final chorus is possibly the most anthemic chorus on the EP, and, as the song closes on a gentler note, the EP ends in the most satisfying way.

The near-perfect blend of pop-punk, alternative rock, and synth rock make ‘Just Another Dream Away’ for a release that you won’t forget in a hurry. Get Sun Arcana on your playlist, because they will definitely become a mainstay in the near future.

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