EP REVIEW: Structures – None Of The Above

Release Date: July 9th 2021
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wearestructures
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wearestructures


After a lengthy hiatus, Structures have returned with ‘None Of The Above’. Whilst the title may be a nod to their 2010 debut release, ‘All Of The Above’, the trio look at additional influences to push their second chapter of their career forward.

Opening with the title-track, the group pick up where they left off with a barrage of down-tuned guitars and blistering screams, courtesy of Brendon Padjasek. Short and sweet, the track delivers a burst of burst of djent led metalcore before unfurling the metallic hardcore of following number, ‘6’.

Settling into the modern iteration of technical hardcore, both ‘6’ and ‘Gone / Dead’ meld growling guitars and rapping vocals to create a new take on the trio’s sound. The same can be said for the wall of sound that engulfs ‘Civilian’ as the trilogy of tracks sees Structures embrace the new era of metalcore without losing their ability to craft technical yet chaotic blasts of metal.

Closing the EP with ‘Psycho Hours’ and ‘Fortune Fades’, the trio dive into more experimental territory as the former plays with prog metal and slowing the tempo down to create a spinning journey into early mathcore before driving straight into the relentless ‘Fortune Fades’. Taking a streamlined approach to the final track, ‘Fortune Fades’ serves as a crushing conclusion to an already tightly wound record.

Not outstaying its welcome, ‘None Of The Above’ sees Structures return with a rabid energy. Whilst it remains to be seen where they will go from here, it’s a welcome return.