EP REVIEW: Strike Anywhere – Nightmares Of The West

Release Date: July 17th 2020
Label: Pure Noise Records
Website: www.strikeanywhere.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/strikeanywhereofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/_strikeanywhere


A decade has passed since Richmond punk rockers Strike Anywhere last released material, making their comeback EP ‘Nightmares Of The West’ all the more poignant.

Its release is well-timed, as its scathing commentary of the weird world that we find ourselves living in offers both an outlet and a distraction for our frustrations.

Combining realism with escapism, the EP lyrically tackles current global and political issues head on. Meanwhile, melodic instrumentation infused with pop-punk nostalgia creates an ambiance that can easily be detached from the heavy subject matter.

First to arrive on the scene is the jovial ‘Documentary’, whose upbeat sing-along sound unifies artist and audience, and continues into the following ‘Dress The Wounds’. Borne from this is a sense of togetherness, reminding us that although things might be bleak, we have each other (and music) to help see us through.

‘The Bells’ is bittersweet, whilst ‘Frontier Glitch’ bites back with a bit more venom. The juxtaposed tones are able to bleed through an all embodying skin that is inherently Strike Anywhere. Although subtle, it displays an acute ability to branch out within the confines of a seven-track space without straying far from the focal sound.

‘Nightmares Of The West’ is unique in that the listener can chose how they experience it. The many ways in which one can listen to it means that it can be returned to time and time again, with each playthrough revealing something new. Whether you’d prefer to close your eyes and drown out the world’s noise or open up and face the music full-force, Strike Anywhere have managed to create something that can help us all cope, whatever our mechanisms.

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