EP REVIEW: Spring.Fall.Sea – Time + Tide

Release Date: September 6th 2019
Label: Undead Collective Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/springfallsea
Twitter: www.twitter.com/springfallsea


Since meeting and forming in Bangkok back in 2015, Spring.Fall.Sea have created quite a following for themselves around the globe, but have yet to truly emerge and make a statement for themselves outside of Thailand.

Following a relocation to London, the trio are ready to make their mark with their new EP, ‘Time + Tide’.

One of the more refreshing aspects to come from the trio is the music in which they produce. It hones in on a lot of alternative elements which feel familiar, but also incorporate a variety of layers, whether that be electronic effects or dual vocals, resulting in a fresh and distinct sound.

‘Strangers’ demonstrates this brilliantly. It’s a song about a break up, and realising that the relationship has ended even if you choose to deny it. But, rather than being a clich√© heartbreak tune, the heavier vocals from guitarist Marvin Menz add much more emotion and emphasis without coming across as a band who are ‘trying’ to be heavy.

Slowing down the pace, ‘I Realise’ highlights a real selling point for Spring.Fall.Sea, and that’s their ability to create extremely catchy rhythms in their music, with the distinctive claps and Dylan Percy‘s drum work being some of the most contributing factors to this. The track hints towards the EP’s overriding theme of change referring to the EP’s title – a take from the old proverb “Time and tide wait for no man.”

‘All About This’ is a clear standout here. It has a light-hearted pop vibe, and is the most upbeat track on offer without ever feeling out of place. Alex Ekong‘s vocals are showcased perfectly, and, while it’s more in keeping of a pop-punk song, there’s never any compromising his distinct British vocals.

Transitioning into the polar opposite of sound, ‘No Regrets Just Memories’ opts to end the record on a much heavier note. It has a somewhat early Enter Shikari vibe about it, and allows this EP to go out with a bang.

It’s very clear throughout the EP that this is a band who truly put their heart and soul into what they do. To form halfway around the globe and still be creating music four years later is proof that they’re not planning on giving up anytime soon.

‘Time + Tide’ explores the idea of change through life and relationships beautifully, and Spring.Fall.Sea should be on your new music radar this year.