EP REVIEW: Sœur – No Show

Release Date: September 23rd 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.soeursoeursoeur.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/soeursoeursoeur
Twitter: www.twitter.com/soeursoeursoeur


Bringing their unique brand of genre bouncing brilliance to their latest effort, ‘No Show’, Sœur‘s signature sound and gradual self-growth is what sets this three-piece apart from a large number of their contemporaries.

Putting a great deal of grunge, a pinch of pop, and a moderate helping of math rock into a mincing machine to muster up Sœur‘s sonic identity, this giant blend of genres has seen the trio go on to triumph in music, ever since their 2017 debut EP, ‘What Separates Us’. Now having demanded the industry’s attention, Sœur continue to make some serious waves with ‘No Show’, showcasing a selection of Tina Maynard‘s haunting vocals, Anya Pulver‘s spine-tingling riffs, and James Collins‘ skilful drumming.

The title-track along with lead single ‘Do What I Want’ are the perfect embodiments of everything Sœur‘s sound strives to accomplish. The former switches between these two alternating personalities; one sweet with soothing riffs and stirring lyrics, and the other sinister with audacious instrumentals and attitude-filled vocals. The latter is infectiously catchy, as the song’s youthful melodic glow gradually builds into a colossal chorus, packing a punch to the slower tempo of the verses. Both of these tracks together put on a solid display of their bold genre-hopping sound.

‘Better’ merges melodic vocals and a reposeful musicality, a grand juxtaposition to the track’s otherwise lesson learning lyrics that detail the attempts to maintain a relationship with a person who is a completely contrasting individual by comparison.

The EP is sent off with ‘For You’, a track that takes the slow approach to its pace, with small doses of captivating riffs, and vocals simply not being ineffectual to send this EP out on a memorable note.

‘No Show’ is another step into the diverse sound and varied styles this triad take into their soundscape, from grunge, pop, math rock, and flecks of other musical flavours in between. This talented trio have been tantalising supporters for years with a string of EP releases since the band started out, yet when the time comes for their debut album to drop, Sœur are sure to take the world by storm.