EP REVIEW: Sobriquet – A Hundred Thousand Tongues

Release Date: May 1st 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.sobriquetband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sobriquetband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sobriquet_band


Taking their time to develop their unique sound, Sheffield’s Sobriquet come forth with their ‘A Hundred Thousand Tongues’ EP.

Concise and ambitious, the quintet delivers four tracks that shuffle through their influences with a commanding ease.

Opening with Ludovico Fahey‘s bellowing vocals, ‘-HIGAMI-‘ barrels through crashing drums, jagged guitars, and winding melodies. Flying back and forth between Tom Green–Morgan‘s and Jake Askew‘s groove laden riffs and Fahey‘s commanding vocals, the track boasts a recognisable and carefully curated soundscape. Whilst the group’s post-hardcore influences are prominent, there are enough nuances to allow it to become Sobriquet‘s own.

Expanding on the staccato flirted with previously, ‘Eros’ commits to jarring guitars and sneaking synths to compliment to Fahey‘s punk-tinged cleans. Uncovering a wide and bouncing chorus, Sobriquet showcase their ability to craft memorable and irresistible hooks. Alongside this, Morgan and Askew move away from the expected melodic phrasing, and inject nuanced voicings to allow the track continue momentum.

With lead single ‘Benighted’ delivering a high energy combination of its predecessors, Sobriquet find a comfortable balance between their fevered clusters of hardcore and broad sweeps of melody. Boasting a taught bridge, the track experiments with structure and pace with blistering results.

Closing with the streamlined ‘Epiphany’, punk chords bounce alongside Michael Chilton‘s grunge flavoured bass lines before revealing a dizzying pre-chorus. Consistently evolving, scuttling from swinging choruses, roaring verses and an experimentally produced bridge, ‘Epiphany’ defies expectancy.

Direct, confident, and restless, ‘A Hundred Thousand Tongues’ captures the soundscape of a group that refuses to conform to genre. With each track boasting its own identity and flowing into one another, Sobriquet have proven themselves as a band to watch.