EP REVIEW: Sertraline – Clouded Minds & Silver Lines

Release Date: May 15th 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.wearesertraline.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wearesertraline
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wearesertraline


After three years of rabid touring up and down the country, British tech metallers Sertraline come forth with their third EP, ‘Clouded Minds & Silver Lines’.

With a three-year gap between this and their last offering, ‘Guilty’, the quintet build on their progressive tendencies and begin to carve out their own distinct sound.

Roaring to life on ‘Inside Out’, delicate melodies swim around bouncing grooves. With one foot steeped in chugging guitars and the other in wide and soaring melodies, it instantly looks to move further away from by-the-numbers tech metal. Utilising vocalist Lizzie Parry, low growls and soaring cleans navigate the dynamic twists and turns of thunderous riffs and harmonious lead lines.

Following up with ‘Mean To Me 2’, the quintet emphasise the heavier aspect of their sound, as juddering riffs touch on melodic death metal influences, before the track soon dives into a triplet based bridge that drives it home.

With ‘2205’ and ‘Screaming For Sleep’ working within the formula laid out with ‘Inside Out’, Sertraline hone in on their blend of tech metal. With each track injecting flourishes respectively, as the former sneaks in an unexpected guitar solo and the latter playing with galloping rhythms, ‘Clouded Minds & Silver Lines’ builds on a winning formula for the group.

Whilst the EP certainly isn’t without its pitfalls, Sertraline‘s raw energy and the densely layered melodies found in ‘Clouded Minds & Silver Lines’ gives a glimpse of a group that could move to the forefront of the genre they’re burrowing their way into.