EP REVIEW: Serj Tankian – Elasticity

Release Date: March 19th 2021
Label: Serjical Strike Records
Website: www.serjtankian.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/serjtankian
Twitter: www.twitter.com/serjtankian


Originally serving as a foundation for a scrapped System Of A Down record, ‘Elasticity’ sees Serj Tankian repurpose a collection of tracks that not only scratch the itch for System Of A Down fans, but also sit comfortably within his solo back catalogue.

Opening with the title-track, Tankian delivers surrealist vocals, dual harmonies, and sliding synths as punk flavoured guitars drive the song. Anchored by a wide and hook-laden chorus alongside pounding drums, the track moves between gentle pianos, Dead Kennedys inspired verses, and spinning synth melodies, providing a somewhat commercial sheen alongside the sociopolitical narrative.

Continuing to dip into a plethora of styles, ‘Your Mom’ begins assumedly with a delicate acoustic guitars, bordering into ballad territory, before thrash inspired guitars drag the track closer towards the sound that Tankian is most associated with. Delivering a biting commentary at a rapid fire pace, ‘Your Mom’ flies through thrash metal, punk rock, and middle eastern melodies with ease at a streamlined pace.

After the mid-point ballad, ‘How Many Times?’, ‘Rumi’ continues to pair Tankian‘s distinct vocal with piano driven melodies. Whilst the distorted guitars that cut through the track are effective, it does seem more at home as a System Of A Down offering rather than a solo one.

Closing with the eclectic and frenzied ‘Electric Yerevan’, ‘Elasticity’ ends on a high note as pounding drums and spinning synths give way to a passionate vocal delivery from Tankian. Complete with a rallying cry driven bridge and a sharply written set of lyrics, Serj Tankian displays how potent his brand of alternative metal can be.