EP REVIEW: Senses Fail – From The Depths Of Dreams (2019)

Release Date: September 6th 2019
Label: Pure Noise Records
Website: www.sensesfail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sensesfail
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sensesfail


Seventeen years after its initial release, post-hardcore quintet Senses Fail have opted to re-record their debut EP, ‘From The Depths Of Dreams’.

Serving as a celebration and as a re-introduction to new fans of the group’s early work, the record not only revises some of the more immature content that was prevalent during the scene at the time, it also highlights the level of craftsmanship found in beginning stages of Senses Fail‘s career.

Thankfully retaining the original guitar tones but with a modern sheen, the tracks sound sharper than before, and ‘Steven’ still keeps its bounce. For fans of the band from the start, the blast from the past will ignite all the reasons Senses Fail stood out from the crowd, with tracks such as ‘The Ground Folds’ reaching its driving crescendo, and ‘Bastard Son’ still evoking a raw tenderness.

For fans of the group’s later work, it’s a chance to see the less optimistic side of the group; for example, ‘Steven’ delivers mournful lyrics alongside bouncing guitars and scuttling melodies. Whilst there are still shades of the group’s latter output found in the shimmering harmonies of closing track ‘One Eight Seven’, it’s the rough and ready riffs and barked vocals that give the record its appeal.

Whilst the differences are slight compared to the original, Senses Fail haven’t merely gone back over their existing work. Instead, the group have revised the lyrical content to show a more mature representation of themselves whilst also creating a smooth transition from the unclean vocals of original bassist, Mike Glita, to that of current unclean vocalist, Gavin Caswell.

‘From The Depths Of Dreams’ may not be an essential addition to the group’s catalogue, and its revision may not have been a necessity, but it does offer an updated look over the shoulder to remember where the band began, and the point that set them onto the path that they’re on today.