EP REVIEW: SeeYouSpaceCowboy & If I Die First – A Sure Disaster

Release Date: May 14th 2021
Label: Pure Noise Records
Website: www.asuredisaster.shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/seeyouspacecowboyca / www.facebook.com/iidf.band
Twitter: www.twitter.com/syscband / www.twitter.com/ifidiefirstband


Nostalgia is a funny thing. When you’re in the midst of a scene, you don’t necessarily ponder the longevity or lasting power of your surroundings, you simply embrace. Now, in today’s modern musical climate, there’s little in the way of genre boundaries, with any initially preconceived parameters being decimated at each and every turn.

For bands like SeeYouSpaceCowboy and If I Die First, who both deal in subgenres that were far more prevalent in the early to mid 2000s, these circumstances are beyond ideal.

With the former’s revival of chaotic sasscore once popularised by the likes of The Locust and Heavy Heavy Low Low as well as the latter’s metallic post-hardcore leaning, recalling Alesana or Sky Eats Airplane, there’s really no denying the time capsule sonic aesthetic that shrouds ‘A Sure Disaster’ from the first second to the very last.

Comprised of two new tracks from each group, there’s also the colossal cluster cuss collaborative cut, ‘bloodstainedeyes’, wedged in the centre. For anyone who ever spent a micro dot of their adolescence straightening hair, throwing down in a pit, or simply loitering in scene clothes, you’re sure to be transported back to a simpler time.

It’s breakdowns, dissonant chords, and throat shredding abound, firstly from SeeYouSpaceCowboy. Their contributions feel much more in line with the dishevelled nature of their ‘Songs For The Firing Squad’ compilation, as opposed to the slightly more restrained style tempered on 2019’s full-length debut, ‘The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds’.

‘Modernizing The Myth Of Sisyphus’ doesn’t even hit two minutes, yet rattles off every integral aspect of their caustic barrage, while exuding melodic expansion.

If I Die First, on the other hand, with only one EP to their name to date, steal the show. It’s easy to forget most members’ roots in the emo-trap scene, both vocalists Lil Lotus and Zubin as well as guitarist/producer wunderkind Nedarb cut their teeth helping to define the divisive sub-genre. Then you have guitarist Travis Richter, who’s also a member of the staple and iconic MySpace era emo band, From First To Last.

What’s evident, however, is their utter adoration and respect for the music that they grew up on, so much so that ‘My Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror Movies’ blisters with lovelorn, emotive venom, heartbreak and hubris, and is as authentic as it is punishing.

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