EP REVIEW: Same Side – Same Side

Release Date: May 29th 2020
Label: Pure Noise Records
Website: www.samesidemusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/samesideca
Twitter: www.twitter.com/samesideca


Although Kevin Geyer may not be an instantly recognisable name, you’ve likely heard of the bands he’s a part of: The Story So Far and Elder Brother. Now, under the pseudonym Same Side, he offers his debut self-titled EP as he embarks on his solo venture.

Compared to his other musical outlets, Same Side takes a much softer and slower approach with this 5-track offering, and throughout there’s a real dream-like atmospheric vibe. ‘Smoke’ embodies the song’s story of neighbours complaining about Geyer and his friend getting high with its euphoric guitar solos, something which is showcased again in ‘The Way It Seems’, conjuring up an air of Pink Floyd nostalgia.

One of Geyer‘s strengths that shines throughout is his ability to pen some great lyrics, and in turn create some real relatable scenarios. ‘Fall Back In Again’ lends itself as the break-up song on the record which seriously pulls on the heart strings, whilst ‘Stuck In A Hole’ reflects a time of being in a rut that many find themselves in at some point in life. Allowing his vocals to really take the forefront of the track, “Fall into old ways / Made the same mistakes / I’d leave it alone / But you left me nowhere to go” enables the words to really resonate with listeners.

Closing up is the titular track, which slightly tiptoes into a mildly more uplifting sound as the dual guitar offers up a glimpse of a folkier style approach, easily lending itself as the standout track. It would’ve been nice to see this style experimented more throughout, but it’s still an effective way to end the EP.

Although this is just a taster of Same Side falling in at just under 20 minutes, musically it doesn’t offer anything ground-breaking, but as a chilled out, sombre outlet it works. Geyer has previously said these songs have been sat around for a few years, so whether or not this side-project will just come and go when there’s song that don’t quite fit in his other work is unknown, but for a short and sweet EP, it’s a good effort.