EP REVIEW: Saint Agnes – Vampire

Release Date: March 26th 2021
Label: Death Or Glory Gang Records
Website: www.wearesaintagnes.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wearesaintagnes
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wearesaintagnes


In a year that has seen raucous East London quartet Saint Agnes forced to live life at a much slower pace that they’re used to, the band have fuelled their frustrations and dislike of living ‘normally’ into their mini-album, ‘Vampire’.

‘Repent’ channels that frustration perfectly in this frantic opening track, with vocalist Kitty A Austen repeatedly screaming “revenge is justified”, dropping you instantly into the middle of an imaginary mosh pit. The rage-infused song surrounds the idea of how people in power seem to easily get away with things, and the injustice which it entails.

Lead single ‘The World Ain’t Big Enough’ forefronts the talent of Saint Agnes‘ song writing throughout the record. Although each track seems to tell its own story, ‘The World Ain’t Big Enough’ explores the idea of the toxicity of love, especially that one person who you can’t live with or without, honing in on the intensity which that can bring, something which many will relate to having been stuck indoors for the past year with the same people.

Changing up the style completely, both the record’s title-track and ‘I’m With You Everywhere You Go’ offer up an almost pop-esque side to Saint Agnes which makes for a light relief, blending catchy sing-along lyrics, but it still embodies their gritty musical undertones allowing it to remain in keeping with the rest of ‘Vampire’.

As well as four new songs, Saint Agnes have taken two tracks from their YouTube cover series ‘The Quarantine Diaries’ and shoved them on here. Firstly, their sultry cover of Grinderman‘s ‘No Pussy Blues’, which has seen compliments from Nick Cave himself, and ‘Wish’, originally made famous by Nine Inch Nails, which has been produced into eccentric distorted punk vibes at their finest.

For a band who are renowned for testing out songs on live crowds before even hitting a recording studio in ordinary times, it’s fair to say that ‘Vampire’ is a brave move that has massively paid off. If there’s one thing that’s made evidently clear throughout, it’s that once live shows resume these songs are going to be played the loudest that Saint Agnes have ever played.