EP REVIEW: Sadness & Complete Disappointment – Fun

Release Date: March 11th 2021
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sadness.band.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sadnessband


A band called Sadness & Complete Disappointment titling their debut EP ‘Fun’ seems like a little bit of a conundrum, and the four songs packed onto this release, while definitely enjoyable, do confirm that there isn’t much happiness present.

Opener ‘Monotony’ starts off promising, but ironically falls victim to the very thing that it’s named after rather quickly. A continuous lack of energy runs through the whole EP like a red thread, becoming more and more present as it progresses.

Following number ‘Oh, Rapture!’ immediately presents this case and point with marching drum sounds and dreamy riffs, leaving us feeling like there is something bigger to come… but sadly it never does. You can feel the energy trying to burst at the seams but the trio never actually crosses the line, turning the listening experience into a rather frustrating process.

Ending things off, ‘Status’ is another perfect example of the clear presence of the band’s talents, structurally, sonically and lyrically, but frustratingly that special spark still missing. Especially the vocals coming from drummer Esme, which are absolutely stunning in the chorus, but simultaneously feel as if a buffer had been put onto them.

The Midlands grunge trio have created an EP drenched with romantic sounds and hard-hitting lyrics, but locked them in a cage of subdued energy. Bursting out of it next time could do wonders.