EP REVIEW: Quiet Like A Thief – Through The Looking Glass

Release Date: June 25th 2021
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.quietlikeathief.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/quietlikeathief


Boston’s Quiet Like A Thief might be pretty new to the scene, but vocalists Alex Kouvaris and Ryan Sweeney are by no means pop-punk novices. Their collective experience on the circuit has served as effective training wheels for this new project, the fruits of which are clear to hear in their debut EP, ‘Through The Looking Glass’.

You don’t have to be a literature buff to recognise the Alice In Wonderland reference. The analogy of finding yourself in a topsy-turvy world is all too relatable following the events of the past year, but will be further relatable for those who have gone through challenging, life-changing hurdles. At its heart, ‘Through The Looking Glass’ is about reality-bending experiences, trying to cling to residual normalcy, and looking forward to coming out the other side (hopefully) unscathed.

‘Travel In Time’ is far from a sci-fi show theme tune. Instead, it fantasises about skipping over life’s tough bits to easier, less “troubling times”. Pop-punk is a well trodden genre, so it’s difficult to bring much freshness to the table, but Quiet Like A Thief strikes the careful balance between the comforting twang of 00s acts and contemporary references that leave behind any stale feeling.

In addition, while yesteryear’s music was riddled with unhealthy attitudes to life and love, there’s a welcome update here with their brutal recognition of today’s issues. ‘Downward Spiral’ acknowledges sadness and takes ownership of bad attitudes and behaviour instead of projecting blame to avoid responsibility.

Meanwhile, ‘Scatterbrain’ is all too recognisable in its descriptions of just mildly losing it while forced to keep a straight face to avoid that never-ending social stigma. To encapsulate such a sophisticated breakdown of humanity’s most pressing issues in this whirlwind of an EP that only just cracks the ten minute mark is no small feat.