EP REVIEW: Pressure Cracks – This Is Called Survival

Release Date: January 10th 2019
Label: War Against Records
Website: www.pressurecracks.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pressurecracks
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pressure_cracks


Many feared that the demise of letlive. in 2017 would also result in the energetic and charismatic frontman Jason Aalon Butler also stepping away from music, but arguably he’s more involved than ever.

Just months later, Butler formed the socially and politically focused Fever 333 with members of The Chariot and Night Verses, who just last year dropped their debut album ‘Strength In Numb333rs’ to plenty of praise, and he’s also formed his own label too.

For those of you longing for his more all out aggressive, hardcore stylings where even the prospect of him screaming out his shopping list would be appealing, he’s also formed Pressure Cracks alongside former members of Scars Of Tomorrow, and they’re now back with their second outing, ‘This Is Called Survival’.

As expected with any Butler involved project, this EP is overflowing with power, rage, and passion with four songs pulsating with the voice and rhythm of a nation. While all of them basically exude the same message and energy, the stand out is without a doubt the last one on the list, ‘Big T Youth’, instrumentally taking you on a journey, lyrically blasting strong messages, and generally giving you an empowering feeling to rise and join a rebellion. A revolution.

Aren’t there too many bands out there screaming those very same things? Yes, but not like this.
So, did we really need this record? Yes, there can never be enough artists speaking up for what they believe in, speaking to the broken and beaten down to rise and stand up to the ‘big man’. Pressure Cracks have created exactly that, and it’s as needed as ever.