EP REVIEW: Parkside – Whenever You’re Ready

Release Date: December 8th 2017
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/parksideon
Twitter: www.twitter.com/parksideon


Ontario outfit Parkside have been demonstrating their feisty brand of emo tinged pop-punk since 2013. Their newest release, a six-track venture entitled ‘Whenever You’re Ready’, is an emotional account that anyone dealing with aspects of change in their life is sure to relate too.

Parkside, to an extent, provide the same sentiment that Real Friends introduced in their early material: sad songs and honest lyrics set to a backdrop of lively guitars and heartfelt sing alongs.

With frontman Rob Spadafora and guitarist Aidan Stoddard both taking charge of vocal duties, their voices compliment each other wonderfully. There’s a large amount of call and response across the record, ‘Keep Up’ in particular demonstrates this, while baring a resemblance to the style that Knuckle Puck have shown in their recent sophomore album, ‘Shapeshifter’. A steady build in dynamics with the rhythm section providing a perfect backbone makes it a striking song.

‘Paste’ alongside opener ’53’ seem lighter than the rest of the record. While still delivering raw lyricism centred around identity, distance, and nostalgia, bright guitar tones pierce through while vigorous drums charge each chorus along restlessly. ‘Paste’ shines a glimmer of hope, ending with Spadafora triumphantly stating, “I’m looking back, and I feel better.”

While Parkside haven’t necessarily created something groundbreaking or genre-defining here, ‘Whenever You’re Ready’ is filled to the brim with infectious melodies, relatable lyrics, and sheer honesty. They’re bound to rise in the ranks in 2018 with this new material in their arsenal.