EP REVIEW: Palmist – Fake Smiles

Release Date: February 28th 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/palmistband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/palmistband


Essex’s Palmist established themselves last year with their debut EP, ‘The Walls Between You & I’, and they’ve come out swinging with its follow-up, ‘Fake Smiles’.

A soft synth rhythmic section opens ‘Lie For Me’ before a wave of sound crashes down with enough impact to send ripples through a packed out crowd. This high energy opening gets you moving with its heavy drums, fast guitar riffs, and instantly catchy chanting. Vocalist Sam Paterson presents his lyrics with a short and sharp speed that makes the heaviness of the music feel more like pure static.

The attitude that makes Palmist so much fun comes from the whole sound of the band, and that’s never more true than in the track ‘Nvrb’. Kicking in with a playful drum beat then the shedding of a guitar and a funky rhythm section before the vocals join in with a repetitive “Woah-o-oo”; all of these parts sum up to an inability to listen and remain still.

‘Freefall’ is a mismatch of indie techno bass line, alternative rock vocals, and a metal guitar breakdown. It’s a beautiful culmination of many genres, and gives enough to each section to be a broadly satisfying song.

‘Fake Smiles’ is an EP that turns it up to 110% and never comes down. Demonstrating with no visual aid the power that Palmist can bring to a live performance, you can bet that when a full-length record finally comes along, we’ll see great things from these guys.

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