EP REVIEW: Outline In Color – Imposter Syndrome

Release Date: July 10th 2020
Label: BRKN Records
Website: www.outlineincolor.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/outlineincolor
Twitter: www.twitter.com/outlineincolor


In their eleven years since their formation, Oklahoma’s Outline In Color have suffered through numerous line-up changes, but have hopefully settled to create their new EP, ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

A lot is crammed into the 18-minute run time. ‘Breaking The Silence’ lulls you into a false sense of security with its melodic genericism, that’s before catching us off-guard with an unexpected breakdown midway through, giving us a taste of the twists and turns that are to entwine the EP from here on out.

Already with the following track, ‘Alibi’, the boat is pushed out further with a partially stripped back, R&B influenced number that displays the band’s profound ability to conjure diversity in order to create something unique.

‘Punishment’ is perhaps the most commercial track on the record, with a tone not dissimilar to recent era Bring Me The Horizon. It homes the most memorable lyrical hook, “Sickness inside my head, you make me wish I’m dead”, that harks of the potent simplicity present in the most iconic of all alternative anthems.

The heaviness that has been kept at bay for the most part of the EP finally breaks the floodgates with ‘Practice What You Preach’. It’s an embodiment of the band’s juxtaposed styles, with falsetto thrown into the chorus in a final climatic battle of sounds before signing off with the sobering ‘Vertigo’, a track whose dizzyingly repetitive nature is reflective of its title.

With an impressive talent for achieving a lot within a limited time frame, one can only wonder in awe of where this incarnation of Outline In Color will take their sound next.