EP REVIEW: Outline In Color – Imposter Syndrome, Pt. 2

Release Date: April 23rd 2021
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/outlineincolor
Twitter: www.twitter.com/outlineincolor


Oklahoma four-piece Outline In Color are following up from last year’s belter of an EP, ‘Imposter Syndrome, Pt. 1’ with the aptly named ‘…Pt. 2’. As with all creative ventures, it’s a big task to produce a sequel that lives up to the original, so the question with this latest EP is: are Outline In Color up to the job?

In short, yes. With their more mellow, mature take on post-hardcore, Outline In Color take their foot off the gas a little with ‘Imposter Syndrome, Pt. 2’, but in the best possible way. It’s full throttle, sure, but it’s not frantic or messy; every track feels considered and carefully crafted from start-to-finish.

The record opens with ‘Poison Prescribed As Medicine’, which is a pretty strong start, with smooth, charismatic vocals from Jonathan Grimes and a catchy riff that instantly draws you in. There’s a slightly confusing moment with a breakdown that doesn’t quite feel like it belongs, but this is one of only a few blemishes on here.

When it comes to the remainder of the EP, there isn’t really an awful lot to complain about. ‘Today’s Western’ hurtles in with a ferocious riff and heavy hook that will have fans head-banging within seconds, especially live, which is where this track will really come into its own. ‘Why Should You Survive’ is the truest to traditional post-hardcore that the band ventures on here, but with an electro twist that freshens it up significantly, while the clean and unclean vocals contrast nicely.

Final track ‘Don’t Wanna Try Anymore’ is a piano-led standout, and though a good, old fashioned ballad might not be something fans will expect, it’s heartfelt, genuine, and beautifully melancholic, and is sure to have many an angsty teenager crying on their bedroom floor.

There are moments when Outline In Color could do with being a little more modern; this EP is good, but it’s nothing that we haven’t already heard before. This band have potential to bring music of an incredibly high caliber to the table, but they won’t get the chance if they don’t offer up something new, and that would be a real shame.