EP REVIEW: Onslow – Onslow

Release Date: July 6th 2021
Label: Greyscale Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/onslowmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/onslowmusic


Good friends are hard to come by, and friends whom you trust enough to pass fair constructive criticism on your new project are even scarcer. So, when Make Them Suffer frontman Sean Harmanis took a punt on asking long-time friend Scott Kay of Voyager to check over his lockdown experiments, he didn’t anticipate such an overwhelmingly enthusiastic reaction.

Those early, boredom-fuelled demos would grow to become the super duo’s collaboration side-project, Onslow, and when something clicks, it’s best just to run with it. That’s why barely a year after their get together, Harmanis and Kay are ready to unveil their debut release under this moniker with their self-titled debut EP.

Putting the rock into alt rock, Onslow really have put a lot of heart into this record. Whether it’s getting honest about a vicious cycle of self-destructive habits or just venting about a low self-image, there’s something emotive and touching blanketed by grunge riffs and metal complexity.

‘Let Me Rust’ was the first song to be completed from Onslow, and its angsty grunge really sets expectations high for everything that’s to follow. ‘Gauze’ is emotionally charged, although it stands out creatively thanks to its Universal Horror therapy themed MV. For pure poignance, ‘Limbs’ should be a go-to; its sorrowful sound shifts between sad verse and angry bridge almost imperceptibly.

Onslow seem to once again prove that inspiration which comes from the darkest of places can often be the most healing.