EP REVIEW: One Step Closer – From Me To You

Release Date: January 4th 2019
Label: Triple-B Records
Website: None available
Facebook: None available
Twitter: None available


There isn’t a lot to say about a band that are so new that they don’t have a website, Facebook page, or Twitter account, or even a photo for that matter. Despite this, there are two discernible facts that One Step Closer are: they hail Boston, Massachusetts, and that they have for us their debut EP, ‘From Me To You’.

Toeing the line between post-hardcore and aggressive punk, ‘Day Dream’ is a frenetic mass of energy and tension being released in a confrontational rile of vocals. The guitars interchange between dual solos and conjoined chords that, combined with the vocals, give the overall sound an authentic rough edge of aggression.

Deceptively leading us into believing that there might be a break in the furore, ‘Imagination Of Being’ starts off with an atmospheric introduction of distant drums and clean guitars before re-igniting the fires with a dose of punk thrash. Almost straying into hardcore territory, it cleverly just stays on the lighter side of the darkness while still retaining the in-your-face aggression.

The EP’s titular track begins with a sombre drudge of an instrumental band before launching straight back into a hook of aggressive rhythms and writhing vocals that combine a shout with a wail. That combination makes for an interesting mix that never quite reaches a full scream, retains the aggression of hardcore, but still has the full emotional intensity of pent up frustration bursting out of a straight jacket.

‘From Me To You’ approaches many lines between different genres and combines them into a package that can only be expanded upon further. The rough edges and not overly polished production means that it retains a charm and sincerity of a new project that’s a refreshing change from the glistening soundscape of a full studio recording.

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