EP REVIEW: Of Mice & Men – Bloom

Release Date: May 28th 2021
Label: SharpTone Records
Website: www.ofmiceandmenofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ofmice
Twitter: www.twitter.com/omandm


Continuing their planned trilogy of releases for the year, Of Mice & Men have delivered ‘Bloom’. Serving as a follow up to ‘Timeless’, ‘Bloom’ sees the group take a different approach and tone to its predecessor to create a cathartic and fast paced set of tracks.

Slowly unfolding against foreboding soundscapes, ‘Levee’ soon descends into a whirlpool of distortion and grooving riffs. Taking a direct approach to the track, nothing overstays its welcome, with stuttering guitars giving way to Aaron Pauley‘s furious vocals before opening up a wide and commanding chorus. Adding various hurdles into the mix, drum and bass breaks and creeping synths help to ensure that the track doesn’t stagnate. Taking a more free form approach to the bridge, thick slabs of guitars converge with cinematic synths before abruptly bowing out.

Following up with the title-track, the song moves the release in an unexpected direction, focusing more on a melancholic blend of Pauley‘s devastating lyrics and unnerving melodies, serving as a welcome change of pace. Choosing to close the release in more familiar territory, ‘Pulling Teeth’ reverts back to crushing breakdowns, sweeping choruses, and underlying grooves to deliver a breathless conclusion.

Benefitting from a shorter runtime and not playing it too safe, ‘Bloom’ builds on the foundations of ‘Timeless’ to create a release that breathes fresh ideas into Of Mice & Men‘s sound.