EP REVIEW: Not Ur Girlfrenz – New Kids In America

Release Date: November 16th 2018
Label: Frenzone Records
Website: www.noturgirlfrenz.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/noturgirlfrenz
Twitter: www.twitter.com/noturgirlfrenz


Self-proclaimed “all-girl power trio” Not Ur Girlfrenz hail from Texas, and it’s hard to believe that two of them are barely teenagers, with the other only being 12-years old. The youngsters bring the classic pop-punk sound of the 2000s with their debut EP, ‘New Kids In America’, which acts as perfect introduction and glimpse into their sound and talent.

Opening things up is the punchy ‘Warped’, a catchy throwback sound with Gigi Haynes providing some smooth bass licks while Liv Haynes provides some impressive vocals and guitar riffs. It’s a strong opener that transitions into a groove-infused classic, and gets the EP off to a bouncing, smiling start.

‘No-One Asked You Anyway’ is a bit more teen angsty, but still with a great toe-tapping rhythm and a chorus that’s big and loud; an sure shot anthem when performed live. The titular track brings back the old school pop-punk sound, channelling the likes of Sum 41, Good Charlotte, and Avril Lavigne. The fast-paced track oozes fun with its clever lyrics.

The closest thing to a ballad is the acoustic-led ‘Somehow’, which highlights the group’s versatility. It’s a heartfelt track with great vocals, and the acoustic nature doesn’t last for its entirety. In classic pop-punk style, the full band kick in a little over halfway through, at which point they just rock it again.

‘Friends Or Memories’ closes things up, and brings us back to that classic break-up question: are we going to remain friends, or should we just forget each other and walk away? It’s loud, it’s in your face, and it’s everything that a pop-punk song attempts to be.

‘New Kids In America’ is a great debut release. They may be young, but they sure know what they’re doing. Whilst admittedly the EP is very clich√©, it’s a great start, and at such a young age they can only improve as time goes on and the releases keep coming.