EP REVIEW: Not Enough – TO L-VE

Release Date: May 3rd 2019
Label: Famined Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/notenoughsounds
Twitter: www.twitter.com/notenoughsounds


Kraków newcomers Not Enough are aiming to take a fresh approach to metalcore, injecting brutal cutting riffs with a dose of doomed electronica, as can be heard on the band’s debut EP, ‘TO L-VE’.

Conveying a sense of darkness is a key part to their soundscape, and while the record shows a great demonstration of the heaviness and intensity that they can produce, the general song structures may be in need of a bit of fine-tuning.

Opener ‘Gemini’ is a full-frontal welcome to the EP, easing in with a gentle build-up of sweeping synths before dropped guitars and lethal drumming come through like a steam train. In a similar fashion, ‘Snakes’ gives us a further taste of just how ferocious the group can be, with frontman Sergey Stovba‘s low growls adding a real bite amid the dysfunctional chaos beneath.

The two are arguably the highlights of the record, with a real surge of energy that doesn’t come all too often, rippling throughout the rest of the record.

The biggest issue with ‘TO L-VE’ is the momentum which comes and goes as a whole, unfortunately. ‘For How It Hurts To Forget For How I Promised I Never Will’ is as long as its title would suggest, racking up just under the seven-minute mark after a rather stretched, warped electronic opening. When the song gets into its groove, it struggles to settle on one thing and feels a bit messy.

The title-track and the closer, ‘I Hope You’re Okay’, feed into one another in a fairly stripped-back fashion, with the former taking a more melodic metal route for one final hit of metalcore before the latter plays off an air of ambiance, as some spoken word builds up and clean guitars play us out.

As debut EPs go, ‘TO L-VE’ shows a fair amount of promise for what Not Enough can do, but also where they can improve too. As a whole project, it feels disjointed, but the quality is in there somewhere. There’s plenty to take away from the release regardless, and what the group do next will be intriguing to see.