EP REVIEW: Night Verses – Copper Wasp

Release Date: January 18th 2018
Label: Equal Vision Records
Website: www.nightverses.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nightverses
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nightverses


After several years and two albums with a full line-up, fronted by former The Sleeping vocalist Douglas Robinson, post-hardcore/post-rock outfit Night Verses decided to discard the frontman dynamic at the end of 2017, opting to take a route into the realms of purely instrumental.

Instrumental bands seem to be a bit of an epidemic in recent times, with vocalists being discarded by the wayside in favour of long and complicated compositions. The few that rise to the top become legends, whilst others languish to only try to emulate them. However, over their work thus far the now three-piece have more than proven their technical prominence, and now it’s on full display with new EP, ‘Copper Wasp’.

The three-track offering acts as a pre-release for their forthcoming full-length, showcasing the influences and skills of the band, incorporating mathcore style riffs and aggressive harsh tones while intermingling digital and spacious interludes. The diverse use of these parts and the juxtaposition between them in each song makes for an extremely entertaining listen while not over complicating it.

Whilst they’re not aiming for a full wall of sound, they try to use digital effects and interludes intelligently to add impact to an already heavy guitar section that on its own just needs something in the background to elevate it a little higher. Despite this, there are plenty of ebbs and flows where each member is given a chance to shine on their own.

‘Copper Wasp’ certainly acts as a worthy precursor to the new era of Night Verses, and, if this is just merely an appetiser for the full course to come in a few months time, then we’ll certainly be getting a feast that we’ll lavish to our fill, and then some.