EP REVIEW: The Neighbourhood – Ever Changing

Release Date: September 21st 2018
Label: Columbia Records
Website: www.thenbhd.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thenbhd
Twitter: www.twitter.com/theneighbourhood


Californians The Neighbourhood‘s sixth EP ‘Ever Changing’ serves as the final piece in the four-part project, ‘Hard To Imagine The Neighbourhood Ever Changing’, and is full of collaborations with a hip-hop/rap focus. At only 17 minutes, the EP is quick and to the point, yet full of interesting sounds whilst remaining true to The Neighbourhood‘s core.

Starting with ‘Kill Us All’, featuring Denzel Curry, the track immediately has a hip-hop feel with Curry‘s rapid vocals entering the frame. Merged with the band’s background electronic sounds, it strangely works. The second verse sees lead singer Jesse Rutherford‘s vocals kick in, but, with the electronic symphonies, his voice appear slightly too auto-tuned which, unfortunately, remains an issue throughout the rest of the EP.

‘Livin In A Dream’ and ‘Beautiful Oblivion’ are sonically similar, with an old-school hip-hop sound. They could easily be a product of pre-2010, presenting a feeling of both nostalgia and passion. It’s clear that The Neighbourhood aren’t simply trying to blend in with the current hip-hop charts, but find a diversion and keep in tune with their unique sound.

With each cut having similar underlying features, the EP is easy to digest and sometimes has the tendency to cross over, making it hard to distinguish the current track from the previous one.

Aside from a few auto-tune mishaps, ‘Ever Changing’ is sharp and continues to be individual, pushing boundaries within the alternative music industry. It’s clear that The Neighbourhood are no amateurs and know exactly what they’re doing, and will only continue going from success-to-success.

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