Release Date: November 8th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/msryband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/msryband


Oxford’s MSRY have built a reputation of no holds hardcore and energetic live performances. Their third EP, ‘Loss’, picks up where last year’s ‘Safety First’ left off, and sees the trio turned quartet continue to deliver punishing and honest hardcore.

Barrelling through with ‘Gemini’, the band lay down thick and angular guitars that give their live reputation justice. With vocalist Kail Churcher barking around Charlie Bishop‘s stomping riffs, the group deliver a raucous and infectious opener, ultimately ending on a mosh pit worthy coda.

Launching into lead single, ‘Still Breaks My Heart’, the group create a crushing sonic depth that defies their minimal set-up, one peppered with discordant melody, as well as capturing a chaotic and sludge tinged back and forth between Churcher and guest vocalist Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats), both of whom compliment one another exceptionally.

Trading crushing hardcore for the bouncing half time ‘Imposter’, not only do MSRY display a different tone, but also showcase their skill at crafting a catchy and crowd pleasing chorus. Supported by Keir French‘s pounding drum performance and Harvey Lake‘s solid bass lines, this cut keeps the energy moving.

After the jagged ‘Guilt’, the group move towards wider choruses with ‘Courage’. The longest track on the release, MSRY opt for stuttering guitars, rage filled vocals, and a groove laden breakdown to offset the tracks half time chorus. Catchy and furious, it burns towards the finish line.

Direct and confronting, ‘Loss’ builds on the reputation that MSRY have captured, by using a short form release to their benefit, the subtle evolution of the group has a strong impact. Raw and scathing, it’s intriguing what the future holds for this bristling group.

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