EP REVIEW: Modern Error – Lost In The Noise

Release Date: March 1st 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/modernerror
Twitter: www.twitter.com/modernerroruk


Peterborough’s Modern Error may be relatively new to the melodic hardcore scene, but that hasn’t hindered them from making waves. Anticipation has been building around ‘Lost In The Noise’, the band’s debut EP, and a release which shows that the quartet know their way around the block (thanks to their past in In Archives), but that they’re not afraid to dispose of the expected tropes.

Opening with ‘Buried And Blue’, rhythmic guitars and disparate chords battle alongside frantic screams, all before cutting into a crystal clear chorus. Whilst the track may play with reoccurring motifs, Zak Pinchin‘s varied vocal delivery and Conor Nicholson‘s energetic drum patterns push it forward.

‘Funeral Verse’ displays melancholic harmonies amidst Kel Pinchin‘s tentative finger picking as intimate vocals lay a contrasting melody. Juxtaposing the soft melody is Zak‘s howling screams before tense percussion forces the track to explode. Culminating in lead guitar lines, clean vocals and fast growls, the group pays no attention to what’s expected or what’s the norm

Whilst the focus is mainly on the Pinchin brothers’ contributions, ‘Separation Anxiety’ allows Aurélien Mariat‘s subtle yet powerful bass technique to take a hold of it instead. Pulsing bass lines grind against bursts of aggression as Mariat creates a thick foundation that allows the hooks to shift in and out of the track.

As the release draws to a close and electronic soundscapes swirl, the group have managed to display a range of influences that strengthen their melodic choices and, whilst the sound isn’t entirely original, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

‘Lost In The Noise’ does have its moments of striking ambition, especially within the first half, but there are other moments that don’t hit quite as hard. Still, considering this is Modern Error‘s first outing, they’ve ensured that your strict attention is more than deserved.