EP REVIEW: Minus The Bear – Fair Enough

Release Date: October 19th 2018
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
Website: www.minusthebear.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/minusthebear
Twitter: www.twitter.com/minusthebear


It seems all good things must come to an end, and, unfortunately, that saying is also true in the world of music. Emerging back in 2001 and releasing six studio albums, Seattle’s Minus The Bear will be bowing out for good after one final EP, ‘Fair Enough’.

The title-track starts things off, and with it comes the band managing to encapsulate a sound that reflects on the sad truth that this is the end for them. With reverb-y guitars and soft, downtrodden vocals bringing the song in, you get shivers as you can hear the emotion not only in the voice of Jake Snider, but also in the way that the guitar is played.

Repeating at many points throughout the song, the lyrics “I can’t feel love, I can’t feel you anymore”, definitely invite comparisons to an interview that the band did earlier in the year where they stated that “Sometimes it feels like a natural time to step away, and that’s what we’re doing right now as opposed to continuing on and maybe not having the same drive or enthusiasm that we once did.”

The song certainly isn’t as lively as more of their older pieces once felt, but you still definitely feel that the distorted guitars, somber vocals, and tight rhythm section are individual to the band. The fact that it’s not so lively also manages to add effect to the almost falling out of love with the project feeling that could be related to many aspects of life, and stands out as arguably the best track on the release.

Next, the band pick up the pace in more of a traditional sounding Minus The Bear song, with faster and livelier instruments, almost reminiscent of the ‘Infinity Overload’ era in the band’s history. With rising chime-like synths behind a bouncy stopping guitar riff and melodic solo towards the end, ‘Viaduct’ feels like more of a journey of a song.

‘Dinosaur’ brings itself in with a very hip-hop sounding synth riff repeating itself as different elements of the band add to it over time. This is very much a track not focusing on your conventional band layout, but having clean guitars, soft bass, and soft drums that accompany this synth the whole way through, adding a definite change up in sound to the track list.

‘Fair Enough’ is a fitting goodbye to such a band, and reminds us all just how sorely Minus The Bear will be missed.