EP REVIEW: mewithoutYou – [untitled] e.p.

Release Date: August 17th 2018
Label: Run For Cover Records
Website: www.mewithoutyou.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mewithoutyou
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mewithoutyou


You know how whenever you re-watch your favourite movie or re-read your favourite book you notice something new? Well, mewithoutYou‘s latest EP, ‘[untitled] e.p.’, is the musical equivalent of that.

If the job of an EP is to give you a taste of things to come from a band on their forthcoming album, this sets the bar exceptionally high for mewithoutYou‘s seventh full-length.

Breaking out from the confines of emo and post-hardcore, exploring a range of genres under the alternative umbrella, mewithoutYou have become known for their unpredictability, and this surprise release is a testament to their willingness to deviate from what they know.

Filled with beautiful textures and tones, ‘[untitled] e.p.’ is at times unashamedly ambient and peaceful, but given the room to swell and soar throughout. Despite most tracks clocking in at around the three and a half minute-mark, these are definitely not your typical radio-friendly pop songs, and this EP needs to be listened to as a continuous piece to be fully appreciated.

The rhythmic baseline on stand-out track ‘Dirty Air’ carries the track through ups and downs, running the gamut of emotions with a vocal melody bringing to mind early R.E.M., while ‘August 6th’ could easily be a long lost Joy Division b-side.

This is an EP showing a criminally underrated band ready to stand tall amongst the heavyweights of alternative music. Get ready to listen to this EP over and over, and rejoice in discovering something new every time.