EP REVIEW: Malevolence – The Other Side

Release Date: April 24th 2020
Label: MLVLTD Records
Website: www.mlvltd.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/malevolenceriff
Twitter: www.twitter.com/malevolenceriff


Hardcore mainstays Malevolence are back, ensuring that you’ll keep practicing your best pit moves when there’s no gigs to go to. They’ve given a short and sweet dose of their hard-hitting assault with a new EP, ‘The Other Side’.

‘Remain Unbeaten’ is Malevolence as we know and love them. We’ve got positive affirmations throughout with the lyrics, plenty of bounce and meaty riffs, but not without introducing their influence of New Orleans sludge for that bit extra punch.

‘Keep Your Distance’ also ups the ante massively, with a crushing groove and hard-hitting breakdowns. And in order to create a real moment, Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose brings his trademark shriek to help incite some mayhem. The ending of the song will certainly leave you wanting more, as Alex Taylor‘s vocal refrain ends things with plenty of fire.

Most of the time, you’d feel like you know what to expect from Malevolence, but a surprise comes in the form of the EP’s titular track; coming in with an acoustic guitar and a clean vocal, its intro is far removed from what’s come before. This song in particular may invoke comparisons to Twitching Tongues, especially with Taylor‘s vocal greatly resembling Colin Young, but, more importantly, there’s tangible emotion on show. This will no doubt be a surprise when you first hear it, but the song really lifts in its second half and is just about pulled off, showing that there’s more to Malevolence than what they’re known for.

With three songs, Malevolence have delivered a short EP that pulls no punches and hits all of the sweet spots.

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