EP REVIEW: Magnolia Park – Dream Eater

Release Date: March 19th 2021
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.magnoliaparkband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/magnoliaparkfl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/magnoliaparkfl


Florida’s Magnolia Park may be fresh faced, but armed with their debut EP, ‘Dream Eater’, they deliver six tracks showcasing their unique style and blend of influences that will no doubt grab your attention from the get go.

Opener ‘Love Me’, which features Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn, surrounds the topic of being stuck in a toxic relationship that you just can’t seem to leave. Unusually, it’s a fairly dark opener to the record which doesn’t transcend through the EP, but still, it’s a hard-hitting topic which the band have handled incredibly and would be very interesting to hear again in future works.

One of the most notable attributes of Magnolia Park is their obvious choice to use various musical inspirations to influence their sound. ‘Sick Of It All’ showcases a more contemporary pop-punk sound, packed full of emotion and dragged out vocals very reminiscent of early The Story So Far. Elsewhere, ‘TDH2S’, which features Oliver Baxxter of Broadside, is happy-go-lucky, energy-infused perfection which oozes all of the nostalgic pop-punk that you could ever want.

Slowing down the pace, ‘Sunburst’ could easily be forgotten when you consider the heavy hitters that surround it on ‘Dream Eater’. But, luckily, the additional vocals from Glimmers give it its own sense of purpose, as a beautifully delicate duet with Maggie Schneider allow the record to hold its own.

Closer ‘Singing’ may take a few listens to fully appreciate just how good it is. It’s perfectly placed on the track listing, full of chants and sing-alongs which would be a perfect way to end any live show once the band are able to take this record on the road.

It’s fair to say that Magnolia Park and what they’ve created with ‘Dream Eater’ is a breath of fresh air in the pop-punk world. They’ve executed exactly what works with today’s fans by combining original and exciting new music but with elements of nostalgia, influenced by the bands that have made the scene what it is today, so, although it’s current, it still feels familiar. We have no doubt that the future looks bright for Magnolia Park.