EP REVIEW: Luke Rainsford – World In Colour

Release Date: June 26th 2020
Label: Scylla Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lukerainsfordmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lukerainsford


Critically-acclaimed for his lyrical depth and home truths chimes Luke Rainsford, with his latest brew ‘World In Colour’ under a tattooed arm. A brief but comfortable offering, Rainsford‘s latest is a surefire tear-jerker.

‘Tip Toe’ takes a b-line into the emo side of Rainsford‘s self-identified emo/punk style, with its tenderly rebellious lyrical content and chirpy guitar callings. It brims with yellow waters and fills the canal of guitar-driven offerings loved by many with the character and poise of Rainsford‘s emotional modernity. Following on from 2018’s bleak ‘I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved’, this four-track is brighter, knock-kneed against a sunrise.

With its electronic flecks and undoubtedly tragic lyrics, ‘Lack’ immerses itself in what has come of the emo genre today. Hints of pop sugar the tongue of the track’s fret boards, and, at points, the macabre choruses lose their potency among the feverish guitar staples.

The vocals thus far don’t garner much weight and the instrumentals carry the first portion of the release, but the balance seems to work. Rainsford doesn’t paint himself to be an artist driven by showmanship. It is the consideration of his craft’s nuances that makes each track so endearing.

‘In Spite Of All My Worry’ trails amidst its sombre existence sadly, christening the second half of the EP much greyer than the first. Rainsford shines most here, in the branches of stripped back acoustics and their pacifistic upset. ‘Frame’ does everything but lighten up, and just when you thought he couldn’t be any more authentic, Rainsford pulls out a gut-wrenching conclusion of “I’m too broken for anyone to love me.”

Among ‘World In Colour’, it is the flesh that bears more food for thought than the presentation; sometimes it’s nicer to sink your teeth into something short and sweet than be bombarded by an uncontrolled vibrato or swanky bass line.