EP REVIEW: Lock & Key – Death Measure

Release Date: November 1st 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lockandkeyhc
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lockandkeyhc


All good things must sadly come to an end, and British underground hardcore heroes Lock & Key have given their fans one last EP before they call it quits. ‘Death Measure’ serves as the band’s final release after operating as a band for five years.

The EP’s title-track starts with enough tension, assisted by feedback, but we soon move into their infectious, groove-laden hardcore, with an effectively simplistic mosh call.

‘Lifeline’ has a more punk-leaning flavour to it, but not without the band’s ear for a melodic hook, proving that they aren’t just about savagery; the chunky, metallic riffs come back in soon enough, of course. And ‘Against Me’ further showcases the band’s immediacy, leaving you wanting to resist the temptation to two-step.

Given the groundswell there’s been towards this type of music recently, you’d think it’s certainly a shame that they’re parting ways, especially when they can clearly stand to-to-toe with the big names based on what’s served up here.

‘Rise Or Fall’ offers another melodic hook, before another mosh call from vocalist Rich Lardner leads us into another savage breakdown. Some of this is hardcore done as you’d expect, for sure, but you’d be lying if this isn’t done to a high standard, and there’s certainly a sense of fun.

And, for ‘Over The Edge’, they save the best mosh-call-before-a-breakdown moment for last, with another face-meltingly crushing breakdown arriving in the middle of the song. It’s testament that the band offer up hardcore that certainly follows a formula, but at the same time it keeps you in your seat until the very end, rather than being predictable or cringe-inducing

All in all, Lock & Key have delivered a truly invigorating swan song for a band that deserved more attention than they got.