EP REVIEW: Like Moths To Flames – Where The Light Refuses To Go

Release Date: November 13th 2019
Label: UNFD
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/likemoths
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lmtf


Serving as somewhat of a clean slate with signing to Australian label UNFD, Ohio’s Like Moths To Flames are offering a taste into this next era with their ‘Where The Light Refuses To Go’ EP.

Ramping up the intensity from previous full-length, ‘Dark Divine’, the EP sees a condensed and intense version of the group with the bite and ambition of a band’s debut release.

Opening with ‘All That You Lost’, the band launches into blast beats, guttural vocals, and triplet heavy riffs. Blending blasts of grinding guitars and sprawling melodies, the track squeezes in the heavier elements of the group into a breathless minute. Switching gears for the chorus, clean vocals soar across the octave chords and double kick heavy rhythms. Using the bridge to display an inspired take on the conventional breakdown, this gives an inclination of what direction Like Moths To Flames could go for their fifth full-length.

Moving the expected dynamics around for ‘Smoke And Mirrors’, clean and soft vocals start the verse before divulging in breakneck screams and chugging guitars. Taking a devil may care attitude to structure, the track moves between open choruses, possessed growls, and slow building melodies. By keeping a bouncing undercurrent and by playing with dynamics, the song ramps up the energy for the record.

For a stylistically diverse release, ‘Into The Black’ continues the trend by rooting itself in grooving riffs and shoegaze influenced verses. Jumping between snaking melodies and wide-eyed fury, the track moves in between styles yet still retains a consistency.

Short but brimming with ideas and hooks, Like Moth To Flames have created a concise EP that will not only keep fans tiding over, but also give indication of what’s yet to come in 2020 with their next full-length.