EP REVIEW: Left To Suffer – On Death

Release Date: April 23rd 2021
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lefttosuffer
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lefttosufferus


With essentially all bands accruing far more down-time than they’re used to, over the past year, there’s been a notable lessening of gaps between releases with the absence of touring providing much more ample room for recording.

It shouldn’t be much of a shock then to see Atlanta groove-metallers and self-proclaimed nu-death act Left To Suffer back less than a year removed from last summer’s aptly titled ‘A Year Of Suffering’ to offer yet another one-way ticket to chug central, population: you, bro.

‘On Death’ serves as a succinct, ferocious batch of chunky, low-end breakdowns, dissonant chords and industrial, production mangling, courtesy of Emmure‘s own Josh Travis manning the boards. Citing loss as a collective influencer on this latest effort, the frustration and seething rage is palpable throughout vocalist Taylor Barber‘s animated yet earnest performance, like Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Fronz (Attila) having a scat-off while being burned alive.

There’s quite the impressive pedigree of guest vocalists also, with Lochie Keogh (Alpa Wolf) featuring on the slamming, frenetic ‘Bargaining’, while Tom Barber (Chelsea Grin, Darko, ex-Lorna Shore) helps to elevate mammoth closer ‘Death’ to a place of despicable, filthy grandiosity.

Providing a melting pot of djent, nu-metal, and industrial-tinted chugcore, it may not seem like a direct reason to wake the kids, but the band exude a sincere growth here, both sonically and emotionally. Immaculately produced and packed with tight, aggressive performances, ‘On Death’ slaps hard and ticks just about every box that you can set for the scene without nosediving into face palm maximalism like so many often fall victim.

There’s almost zero here for the unconverted, but if you’re one for slam or chugs that are glossy, groovy, and emotional, Left To Suffer could be your next saving grace.