EP REVIEW: Lapyear – Smile

Release Date: May 15th 2020
Label: Venn Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lapyear
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lapyear


Emo-gazers Lapyear‘s second EP, ‘Smile’, comes two years after their debut ‘Comfort Underwater’, and is perhaps best described as sounding like Neck Deep does Nirvana.

Their combination of grungy instrumentation and pop-punk vocals creates a sound that is uniquely nostalgic and new.

‘Smile’ is to be experience as a whole, rather than on a track-by-track basis. Aquatic guitars submerge you with ‘See Inside’ and hold you under right up until the EP’s close.

‘Only One’ and previously released number ‘Negative – I Wish I Was’ verge more on the pop-punk end of the Lapyear spectrum. They offer a euphoric respite from the overall ethereal tone, before closer ‘Puzzles’ drags you down deeper with its haunting ambiance.

The band do well to offer a taste of their flavour, but you’re left hungering for that little bit more. Condensing yourself into five tracks understandably leaves little room for experimentation, and ‘Smile’ certainly serves its purpose as an EP in showcasing a snippet of the band’s sound. Hopefully, a future full-length release will allow this sound to breathe.

Lapyear beautifully blend the colours of their influences to form a shade that is definingly theirs. With any luck, their continued exploration of this aesthetic will only make them more vibrant.