EP REVIEW: Landon Tewers – Frontal Lobe Submission

Release Date: January 29th 2021
Label: Tribune Music
Website: www.landontewers.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/landontewers
Twitter: www.twitter.com/landontours


The Plot In You frontman Landon Tewers is back, and proves once again with his solo EP ‘Frontal Lobe Submission’ just why he’s one of the best vocalists in modern day alternative music.

Only last year he concluded his rather brutal AI concept EP series with its third and final part, and his latest full-length ‘Withdrawals’ is also barely two years old, but there’s no slowing down for the The Plot In You vocalist in sight. With this much output, it’s easy to assume that ‘quality over quantity’ isn’t applicable for Tewers, but he only further solidifies his talent with this new output.

You could take ‘Gospel Therapy’ as a prime example for the rest of the EP, as it encapsulates Tewers‘ range to perfectly combine pop and R&B influenced soothing croons with heavy hitting grooves and emotionally charged screams with ease in a mere 1 minute and 49 seconds. Just imagine letlive.‘s ‘Banshee (Ghost Fame)’, but shorter.

Bold honesty is once again the running theme with every song, whether it’s about intrusive thoughts and coming to terms with dying at any point in ‘When I’m Gone’, or a rejection of being deserving of genuine love in ‘F Pacing’, which features a guest spot from Internet personality and singer/songwriter, Gabbie Hanna.

All his inner thoughts and feelings are laid out in excruciating detail, but beautifully phrased and well transferred musically. Not a single second of this 19 minute EP feels unnatural or fabricated, and it’s the kind of fresh breath of air that’s much needed in these current times.