EP REVIEW: Lande Hekt – Gigantic Disappointment

Release Date: November 15th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/landehektg
Twitter: www.twitter.com/landeyolande


Performing punk rock with Muncie Girls since 2011, Exeter based singer/songwriter Lande Hekt has decided to see what the solo artist life is like too with her debut EP, ‘Gigantic Disappointment’.

As the title alone suggests, this release is a calmer and more emotional outing than what we’re accustomed to from Hekt‘s main outlet, and, being completely self-produced, this offering gives a real impression of who she is as an artist.

The EP opens with a very profound piece, entitled ‘Wake Up’, offering a window into the emotional core of Hekt with its solemn and sad tones. It feels personal yet also lyrically vague enough that anyone can take a piece of it into their own heart and draw from their experiences. This emotional vulnerability is then built on in later track, ‘Carpet’ which follows a more traditional pop song sound and format whilst maintaining a lyrical sadness.

‘Aeroplane’ fuses the sounds of a grungy bass line with sweet indie-pop keyboard/guitar melodies to create a very bittersweet sound that compliments lyrics like “cried with relief” beautifully. It’s this easy on the ear’s musical style that allows Hekt to sing very honestly about the world around her, as she does on ‘The Future’ when she says “talk about politics, rant about the Tories, make yourself sound smart”. Lyrically this EP is honest, smart, and at times playfully sassy.

The EP ends with its title-track, an indie ballade to poetic self-loathing and anxiety. It builds and builds from a slow, peaceful beginning to a calm but powerful reflective chant at the end before cutting off into silence.

In this EP, Hekt demonstrates that the most powerful music comes from simple structures and powerful lyrics. It’s short and sweet fitting seven tracks into just 18 minutes, and packs a punch without overstaying its welcome, which is easily done when singing with as much depth as Hekt does.

‘Gigantic Disappointment’ is a strong solo debut, demonstrating a huge amount of talent and potential.